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Three Times the Charm

Today is day 90 of abstinence—again. I have been in and around FA since I was 19 years old. I suspect I was 236 pounds when I started in what felt like the hottest summer of my life. I was wearing long, torn-up jeans, the last of my size 20s, with holes that were patched with fabric because my thighs were rubbing together so much. I was unwilling to get a size 22 from the fat women’s store. I took a liking to an old, dark, purple men’s sweater with a hole in the neckline that covered me and felt comfortable. I hated myself so much that I didn’t care if I had showered and brushed my teeth or not. I had thoughts of suicide almost daily. I did not have a life because of the layers of addiction that fueled my existence. I was looking for everything outside of... Continue Reading



Ready, Willing, and Able

“Okay, you are right Dad, I’m addicted to food…now what?” At the tender age of fourteen, I agreed with my dad that I had a problem with food. I couldn’t deny the late nights, leaning into the refrigerator, countless missing leftovers from the kitchen, or the fact that I was fourteen and 225 pounds. No, I couldn’t deny it anymore. But what could I do about it? My dad printed out information about FA. That day I was able to admit that I didn’t know everything, and in fact I probably knew very little. The food had defeated me, and I needed help. My mom and I went to a meeting and I started Program, resisted a bit, and then got into the swing of things. I got abstinent the first month of high school. I soared through life with ease, not because things didn’t come up, but because I... Continue Reading



Living My Right Life

I am a girl who spent the majority of my life putting wrappers in my bed, bags, car and even my own underpants to sneak food past my parents every night. I am also a girl who got my 90 days in FA this past Tuesday. I am a nineteen-year old college student who was, until mid-November, a tortured food addict. In FA we say that food addiction is a progressive disease; it certainly is with me; I gained over 100 pounds in under two years. This obviously took a great toll on my body; as I was nearing 250 pounds I felt the muscles in my back spasm and clench walking to the mailbox. Sweat constantly dripped down my back, legs and face, which I found mortifying. Perhaps the worst pain was that of my parents watching me physically and emotionally deteriorate before their eyes. I couldn’t fit into any of... Continue Reading