A Story of Recovery:

My Two Cents

I have experienced a 160-pound weight loss in FA. I have come to believe that “practicing these principles in all my affairs” is an effective way to address the many other addictions in my life. As a recovering chronic spender and credit card abuser, I now live each month on a balanced and reasonable budget. Knowing exactly how much money I can spend for food has brought tremendous peace to my life.

This past week I had $44.00 left in my budget for food and over a week to go before another paycheck. As I shopped the aisles, I looked at each item from the “do I need this or do I want this?” perspective. I didn’t do any mental math manipulation. I simply asked God to help me discern what I really needed.

I stood at the checkout and watched the total rise. As the clerk neared the end of my order, I watched with a child-like curiosity. I felt confident that I had only purchased what I needed and that my Higher Power was with me through this whole shopping trip. I smiled broadly as the total came up: $44.02! I left the store chuckling. I threw in my two cents and God took care of the rest.


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